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Who are the people who work, learn, develop products and initiate projects at CLASSEN? What drives them? What are their joys, their challenges, their goals? Here in the CLASSEN blog, they take us behind the factory gates of CLASSEN in Kaisersesch and Baruth.

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Andreas Sieder

How we at CLASSEN revolutionised the profiling of laminate floorboards

In 2002 I read a newspaper report about the opening of a new laminate factory in Brandenburg. It sounded tempting like a ticket to the future: there was a brand new plant in Baruth in the Mark Brandenburg and it had just started operations. I applied without further ado and joined the team at CLASSEN Industries in March 2003. Since then, a lot of new things have happened in Baruth, the factory has quadrupled in size! Here is a brief summary of my experiences over the last 19 years.

Robert Riedel

220 tons in one hour - my work at the lumberyard

Is it possible to process as much wood as we do at CLASSEN for our laminate and still be sustainable? Yes. I'll tell you why in my blog post.

Daniel Schwoch

From entry to the rise of digital printing for laminate flooring

In my blog, I report on how CLASSEN became the pioneer of digital printing in the laminate flooring industry. At Classen Industries GmbH, I was able to shape an important part of our company's technological innovations myself.

20 years Baruth
Carsten Buhlmann

20 years in Baruth - how we became part of the region

When CLASSEN started in Baruth / Mark, nobody knew us there. Today we are one of the most important employers in the region. I will describe how this came about in a retrospective.

20 years Baruth
André Trebuth

In Baruth, even a standstill is not a standstill

To keep HDF production for laminate production running smoothly for the whole world, we have to keep the equipment in top condition at all times. This is an exciting task, which I tell you about in my blog post.

Stefani Alheit

"Home Office" - more important today than ever

I benefit from the opportunity to work in a home office at CLASSEN in Kaisersesch. I describe in my post why this is so and what has changed in our company.

20 years Baruth
Ronald Ante

Gigantic growth: making two out of one

Setting up a new production facility at a different location is a challenging project. Not only logistically, but also for the employees themselves. When CLASSEN moved its laminate production from Kaisersesch to Baruth, I was up close and personal as one of the people responsible for production in Kaisersesch. I share a few of my memories in my blog post.

20 years Baruth
Yvonne Schumann

What we do for the quality of our laminate

For 15 years, I have been working with my colleagues to ensure that our laminate meets the highest quality standards. I'll tell you all about what we do in my post.

Elena Jadczuk

From Russia to Poland - work full of love

I have been with CLASSEN since 2008. Working here turned out to be a great adventure for me, not only in my professional but also private life. It was here that I met my husband Wojciech, with whom we have been creating a happy family for several years.

Eberhard Herrmann

Made wet: how our new megaloc aqua protect installation system performs in the NALFA test

I have been working in the laminate industry for 20 years now and have developed and helped develop many innovations. It is not new that laminate can hardly be distinguished visually from original wooden floors. It's not new that laminate is super easy and quick to lay. What is really new is that we can make laminate really water-resistant with the megaloc aqua protect installation system. It makes me proud that we at CLASSEN have succeeded in doing this and have thus reached a new category. Now laminate can be used for the entire living area and even in damp rooms.

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