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Mathias Piecha

CLASSEN in one sentence - is that possible?

The CLASSEN Group is more than just a manufacturer of flooring. The established family business has a philosophy and values that unite its employees. Let me relate to you the challenge of retelling tradition in my blog post.

20 years Baruth
Carsten Buhlmann

20 years in Baruth - how we became part of the region

When CLASSEN started in Baruth / Mark, nobody knew us there. Today we are one of the most important employers in the region. I will describe how this came about in a retrospective.

20 years Baruth
André Trebuth

In Baruth, even a standstill is not a standstill

To keep HDF production for laminate production running smoothly for the whole world, we have to keep the equipment in top condition at all times. This is an exciting task, which I tell you about in my blog post.

Stefani Alheit

"Home Office" - more important today than ever

I benefit from the opportunity to work in a home office at CLASSEN in Kaisersesch. I describe in my post why this is so and what has changed in our company.

Elena Jadczuk

From Russia to Poland - work full of love

I have been with CLASSEN since 2008. Working here turned out to be a great adventure for me, not only in my professional but also private life. It was here that I met my husband Wojciech, with whom we have been creating a happy family for several years.

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