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I have been with CLASSEN since 2008. Working here turned out to be a great adventure for me, not only in my professional but also private life. It was here that I met my husband Wojciech, with whom we have been creating a happy family for several years.

Elena Jadczuk

Elena Jadczuk is a controlling and finance manager at CLASSEN Pol and has been with the company since 2008. For many years she was employed in the company's Russian branch before she started working in Poland.

Currently at CLASSEN I hold the position of a controlling and finance manager, previously I was responsible for accounting and human resources. I am very comfortable doing this job, I like carrying out the tasks entrusted to me and I especially appreciate the possibility of contact with people.

I am Russian by origin and this is where I spent most of my professional life at CLASSEN. Three years ago, however, I moved to Poland - of course still remaining in the company. I started my professional adventure with CLASSEN very early – when I applied to the company, I was not really even 18 years old yet. In the place where I lived, CLASSEN was the main employer that provided favorable working conditions and development opportunities – therefore it was a completely natural choice for me to direct my first steps on the professional path here. As it turns out, this first choice turned out to be a bull's eye, so I can boast of already 13 years of experience in one company, which in the case of the current realities on the labor market is probably quite a rare situation. In addition, in my case, time has shown that starting work at CLASSEN has brought me not only professional satisfaction, but also... happiness in love.

It was in the company where I met my future husband Wojciech, who, like me, still works at CLASSEN. We are an example of an international marriage, because Wojtek is Polish by origin. He moved to the Russian branch of the company mainly with the idea of learning the Russian language. Contrary to appearances, the language barrier was not a major problem for us even at the beginning of our relationship – my husband has a great linguistic talent. He is also fluent in German and English, and after many years in Russia he is able to use expressions that are characteristic of native Russians.

Working at CLASSEN also allowed me to learn a new language and culture – and not only because of my acquaintance with Wojciech. In 2018, we made a decision to move to Poland, and the company provided us with such an opportunity within its structure. Hence, we were able to move to Krakow, where the CLASSEN Competence Center was being established at that time, as part of which I could carry out new tasks for CLASSEN. Despite the fact that I speak Polish on a daily basis, Russian is still very useful to me, because I also deal with control and finances in those branches. It also has its additional advantage – thanks to this, not only can I have constant contact with my mother tongue, but also with my Russian colleagues.

And our colleagues are very important to me and my husband. I think about 50 percent of our wedding guests were the people we work with. The wedding itself took place in Russia, which was quite an adventure for Polish colleagues – thanks to this they could get to know a piece of this country and its culture. It is encouraging that despite such extensive areas of operation and the number of people employed, the company has a kind of family atmosphere.

Speaking of the family – this time not the corporate one, but quite private - a new member has just recently arrived. Our son was born almost a month ago. As a natural course of things, my professional life has temporarily taken a back seat, but in the future I am still going to make it with CLASSEN. I can see a lot of steps on the career ladder that I hope I will be able to reach. Therefore, I think that several years of my work experience in this company will eventually turn into... several dozen. As you can see, in my case the decision of the then teenage girl resulted in a relationship for many years - both in my professional and personal life. 

Picture: Wojciech & Elena

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